Community & Social

Alpha Phi is a diverse and inspiring group of students committed to providing a support network on Harvard’s campus.  Our bonds stretch across concentrations and sports teams, politics and ice cream preference, and last long after graduation.  We are constantly learning new and exciting things from one another, and are always standing on the sidelines cheering each other on.  Whether you’re getting ready for a sports game, a job interview, or to run the Boston Marathon, you can always count on each other to be at your side supporting you.  Each semester, we enjoy a variety of activities together, from bouncing at Sky Zone to going apple picking to lounging on the beach to our annual dinner at Fajitas & ‘Ritas!

Outside of formally planned events, Alpha Phi is always together.  Whether that’s in a dining hall, at Felipe’s, or exploring Boston! 

Big Little

During each member’s first semester in Alpha Phi, the member is “Ivy Linked” with older members to help you get to know the chapter better.  Throughout the weeks of Ivy Linking, older members invite new members to do anything from going on a dining hall date to grabbing coffee or going out for froyo.  New members will then choose a Big.  Bigs are an important role for new members, providing guidance and support.  Bigs will secretly shower their Littles with gifts: room decorations, Alpha Phi apparel, candy and other snacks, self-care kits and much more.  Big-Little Reveal takes place at the end of the week, with Bigs revealing themselves to their Littles through matching socks.  Newest additions to the family will then join older members at a family-bonding night!

Formals & Mixers

Alpha Phi has an exciting social calendar full of formals, crush parties, date events, informal mixers, tailgates, and theme parties! The most anticipated events of the year are Alpha Phi formals that fall at the end of each semester. Our annual fall formal, Bordeaux Ball, is an incredible date event held at a venue in Boston. It is such a fun night for everyone to get glammed up and celebrate a great semester. Our spring formal, Forget-Me-Not Ball, is also a date event held at a venue in Boston. Forget-Me-Not Ball lets us welcome our newest members while also honoring our seniors before they graduate. It is such an exciting night of socializing and dancing and allows us to be together one last time before the year ends.

The Ivy Overseas

Many members of Alpha Phi take advantage of the many opportunities here at Harvard, including spending time abroad.  While studying abroad, whether term-time or over the summer, sisters remain connected to Alpha Phi, through meeting up with sisters in other countries, making the Ivy Leaf sign in pictures, or traveling together.  Spending time abroad as an Alpha Phi is a great reminder of the international nature of our organization and our lifetime membership.  While members are traveling and experiencing the world in new and exciting ways, they are always eager to come home to Alpha Phi.