A Message on Sanctions

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Alpha Phi Iota Tau is not affiliated with Harvard College and is therefore a sanctioned organization for students beginning with the class of 2021. Many women who are affected by the sanctions have chosen to be part of our organization because they value the benefits of our sisterhood, service, and scholarship and are committed to standing together against the unjust destruction of women’s spaces on Harvard’s campus. They are also aware that the school has not yet figured out how they intend to implement the sanctions and therefore have no enforcement mechanism.

Alpha Phi will never hand over any information regarding our chapter or our chapter operations. We will not confirm our membership with the administration for any reason. Alpha Phi International and Alpha Phi Iota Tau are currently involved in a Massachusetts state lawsuit against Harvard University for violating women’s group rights on campus. Alpha Phi and Alpha Phi Iota Tau are not plaintiffs on the federal lawsuit. More information about these two cases can be found at standuptoharvard.org.

Alpha Phi and Alpha Phi Iota Tau are committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of our members. We work with our members to create an environment in which they are most comfortable. Our members can choose whether or not they appear on our social media, attend public events, etc. We are happy to answer any more questions regarding the sanctions and the lawsuit, so please feel free to reach out! Our members are our top priority always and we look forward to working with you each individually.